Do you have my book? If so, what do you think of it?  Is there a print of mine hanging in your home? How does it look?  Bought a set of greeting cards from me?  I hope you were happy with the quality!  Comments on shipping?  Whatever your thoughts - I'd love to hear from you.

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i love your pics. they are intimate glimpses of the wild. inspiring! bold reminders of what is still out there to be found if one will only look.
Dan's photos are in NINE of my photography books on the state of Oregon. His wildlife images always cause readers to stop and take note, usually with an audible, "Wow!" I also have one of his owls adorning my wall. Dan is truly an animal whisperer. He is granted respect and admiration from all the critters he captures through his lens, as well as from humankind!
I love Dan’s work. I have his book and three framed prints in my home: a stunning hummingbird over the fireplace, a snowy owl in my office and another owl in the dining room. The posters are a cool new approach!
Your photos are truly a work of art and labor of love! Thank you for sharing your gift w/ all so we can we can see the beauty through your lens! Love you babe ❤️

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