Visiting Ashland

If you are planning a trip to Ashland, Oregon and would like to see my work somewhere other than a screen, no problem! If one of the following options doesn't work for you, shoot me an email! I've opened up my garage "studio" many times for clients.    


The Lithia Artisan's Market 



The Lithia Artisan's Market is a must for any trip to Ashland! Every weekend, March thru October, Calle Guanajuato along Ashland Creek transforms into a festive, open air artisan's market: up to 50 artists and live music in a beautiful setting: along Lithia Creek at the entrance to Lithia Park! I'm a die hard regular here. Only a another art festival, bad weather, or a family vacation keeps me away. If you'd like to confirm I'm there on any given weekend: email me at or text me 541 864 9309.









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